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One matter of concern to me in the TEOTWAWKI scenario

is there are those of us with land and preps and resources and I absolutely know, WE ABSOLUTELY KNOW THERE IS THIS CLASS OF PREDATOR PREPPERS.

These guys are sick animals, usually ex-spec ops and they are prepping to take our preps. So we have already identified part of the enemy, we know they are coming.

Ok so that's an external threat. Know what scares me more?

If a property owner correctly realizes that in coming times, the man with much has much to fear, he needs others to help him secure and maintain the land.....

what if in the middle of disaster the property owner throws everybody out?

Then we have our people naked and poor and starving and now we are the targets?

THIS HAS TO BE A LIFE LONG COMMITTMENT. If you are Noah you are ordered by God to build and ark and take care of the animals. Failure is not an option, the whole future depends on this.

So I guess I'm glad we're talking about it.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.