Comment: Respective of nothing, this secret to power.

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Respective of nothing, this secret to power.

Do you want power?

Most of you run from it like the plague.

Do you know how we help people with drug addiction in the desert? Our way?

That is a secret I will keep for now but there comes this point of integration where we have basically taken over somebody's life and now we're giving it back to them and that whole AA "rock bottom" thing is where we give you a ladder.

I'll share with you this secret that every waiter or waitress knows:

There is honor in service. And there is a freedom in service. Once you let go of your desires and truly SERVE ANOTHER you live through them and this is easily professionalized: a career butler for instance is paid highly enough to be a gentleman in his own right.

Did you kids know that in the hotel industry, they have their own networks of concierges, executive chefs, captains and maitre d's and they TRAVEL THE WORLD AND REFER EACH OTHER TO ALL THE TOP JOBS IN ALL THE BEST SPOTS. And many of them save the cash and learn the biz and open up their own hotels and restaurants. THERE IS A LOT TO LEARN but when you master it, all you need is a good team and hospitality is nothing but team work.

But I am off track. To the recovering junkie trying to pick their emotional health off the dirty floor and they are so internally broken down and they can't see up?

We just put them at a door in a supermarket and tell them to open the door and smile at everybody they see.

And they start hearing "thank you". Not everybody says it but enough do. Thank you, thank you thank you thank you thanks.

And every smile and thank you is giving them power. One smile at a time. And most of the time after a week they say ok, I am ready for more challenges. I got it. I got the power now, I beleive in myself, I'm ready to take the next step.

And that is one way to get power for free: try holding the door open for somebody.

Now I have told you twice how to get power for free.

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.