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Comment: My conspiracy theory is as follows:

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My conspiracy theory is as follows:

First Malaysian jet is high jacked and landed by whomever to be used as a weapon at a later date, but something went wrong in the coordination effort to make it look as a normal crash, such as eyewitnesses who saw the plane at certain times. That plane actually landed and the passengers were converted to shark bait. All the attention on the supposed crash was too over the top to use the plane for any type of false flag, so the plane today was hijacked, the passengers were left on the plane and the plane was crashed via remote takeover of the controls.

The video floating around the internet and main stream that shows the impact shows that there were no smoke trails to the ground, no missile trail of smoke in the sky. In other words the sky shows nothing but clouds and blue sky and then the explosion on the ground, but if an airliner at 33K feet was hit by a missile it would have broke into fiery pieces and smoke trails from the sky to the ground would have been visible, yet only the explosion on impact is seen per the video circling.

In my conspiracy, the first missing Malaysian jet was to be used to make it look as if Russia shot down a civilian plane and the global media and eyewitness accounts of the planes flight path screwed things up, so they had no choice but remote crash a jet with passengers in place of the plane they lost the media war hiding.

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