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No one went from major to four star general in 4 years.
However going from major general to four star general in 4 years is typical if you count the last day of service as major general.
So under weakest contraints 21 Candidate sources:
McNabb (retired 2011)
Chilton (retired 2011)
Renuart (retired 2010)
Lichte (retired 2010)
Kehler (retired 2013)
Brady (retired 2011)
Lorenz (retired 2010)
Frasier (retired 2013)
North (retired 2012)
Rice (retired 2014)
Welsh (active)
Shelton (active)
Breedlove (active)
Hostage (active)
Wofenbarger (active)
Carlisle (active)
Selva (active)
Gorenc (active)
Rand (active
McDew (active)