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Real Law

Law has a logical hierarchical order of applicability from the whole set through every entity ending with the legally defined fictional capacity with each class of law applicable to defined entities. Each discrete set of law beyond natural law is only accessed through consent of the one who consented to be governed by that level of law. The tricky part is comprehending consent. Most people don't and they consent to what would otherwise be criminal acts against them. Consenting to criminal acts, under colorable claims of applicability of law, being committed against oneself is the source of almost all tyranny.

The hierarchy of Law

Divine Law-Source of Order-Interfaces with Man through inspiration. Divine law shapes nature through action performed from the divine inspiration.

Natural Law- The Laws that govern all aspects of Nature- Interfaces with Man via physical sentient interactive processing with all of nature

Common Law- The default non-conflicting maxims and interpretations that govern the interactions of Men and the process of balanced justice

Organic Law- Jurisdictional interpretational traits both understood and repugnant Common Law to those that adopt and proclaim them

Constitutional Law- Contractual creation of legal capacity with binding governing law for those who wish to fill the contractual capacity adopted under the organic law understanding

Statutory Law- Law that governs the lawful procedures and operations of all capacities created under the Constitutional contract

This is the intrinsic hierarchy of real law. It will be understood and utilized for its protections or its protections will be inaccessible and all protections will be lost.

This fact is not opinion, it is the inherent hierarchy of how law actually functions. If you don't understand this then any creation of a system will be born of confusion and result in some form of tyranny. The law will be upheld or people will consent to and maintain lawlessness. It is that simple.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...