Comment: Although this prank was mean hearted

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Although this prank was mean hearted

I feel like it was a good thing. Many people here are commenting that it was wrong, mean hearted and inappropriate. Sure, maybe he didnt need to call her a dumb ass but I think this had a very good effect. It shows how stupid the main stream media is, and how shallow and superficial their reporting is.
Last night, while i was eating dinner at my companies mess hall, everyone was watching the news (bbc i think) where nothing was known yet but they had one or two images of the crash. The whole time i was there, the two images would go back and forth and the commentators were just talking and making up loads of S@#$ because they didn't know anything. On picture showed the crash from a distance and had plumes of smoke coming from them. The commentator went on for several minutes about what the wind conditions must be like for the plume to have that shape. It was so silly... yet everyone in the mess hall was intently filling their bellies (literally ad metaphorically).
It would have been great for a prank call to distrubt the monotonie and wake people up from their comma. Maybe they would realize for just a moment how stupid the MSM really is.