Comment: This is such a horrible thing...

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This is such a horrible thing...

The little boys just wanted to play on the beach, after being cooped up for so long...

"The four Bakr boys were young cousins, the children of Gaza fishermen who had ordered them to stay indoors — and especially away from the beach. But cooped up for nine days during Israeli bombardments, the children defied their parents and went out Wednesday afternoon, the eldest shooing away his little brother, telling him it was too dangerous."

"As they played on and around a jetty in the late-afternoon sun, a blast hit a nearby shack. One boy was killed instantly. The others ran. There was a second blast, and three more bodies littered the sand..."

Now, I don't like the title the OP uses for this thread, despite horrible tactics Israel has used to defend it's own civilians from Hamas' rocket assault. It is not as if Israeli IDF is specifically targeting children. If they are then I would have no sympathy for whoever ordered such a thing. In this case, it is tragically most likely a case of mistaking the children for combatants. Someone saw some young males running around on the beach and jumped the gun and pushed the 'kill' button, before checking to confirm the target. It is reprehensible, and if I were in charge somewhere in the IDF, I would find out who f---ed up, because this kind of bad 'PR' isn't good for the Israeli cause, at all.

"The Israeli military acknowledged later that it had launched the strike, which it said was aimed at Hamas militants, and called the civilian deaths “a tragic outcome.”"

"The four dead boys came quickly to symbolize how the Israeli aerial assaults in Gaza are inevitably killing innocents in this crowded, impoverished sliver of land along the Mediterranean Sea. They stood out because they were inarguably blameless, children who simply wanted to play on their favorite beach, near the fishing port where their large extended family keeps its boats."

"The killings also crystallized the conundrum for the 1.7 million Gazans trapped between Israel’s powerful military machine and the militants of Hamas and its affiliates, who fire rockets into Israel with little regard for how the response affects Gazans. Virtually imprisoned by the border controls of Israel and, increasingly, Egypt, most Gazans have nothing to do with the perennial conflict but cannot escape it."

It is indeed a horribly deadly conundrum the Palestinian people are caught between. On the one hand, they "democratically" elected Hamas to the Palestinian Parliament in 2006. Now Hamas has started another blood-bath for their people, where they are losing the conflict at a 200:1 ratio. Then again maybe the very goal of the Hamas attacks are to provoke an overwhelmingly one-sided victory for the Israeli side, in which many civilians are killed, as with any wartime scenario, to drum up greater international sympathy for Palestine, and support for the 2 State solution. The Palestinian people are stuck between a rock and a hard place.
This is why I support a one-state solution. 20% of Israeli citizens are Arab Muslim and many serve in the IDF. Palestinians should choose to join Israel. Israel should be open to this, and seek this as a solution.
And while I completely understand the sympathy and support for Palestinian civilians, I cannot understand why anyone, especially on DP would support Hamas, and their goals/tactics. They are getting their people killed, using them as human shields around their rocket sites.
Further, this tragedy is evidence that the type of 'drone' style bombing employed with the intention of maintaining "peace" in this two-state solution, not only doesn't work, but is counter-productive to the goal. A one-state solution, or all out World War are the only inevitable possibilities. Israel should have done a long time ago, what they are only going to do partially now. They should go into Gaza and annex back to Israel every inch of land that they keep taking rocket fire from, until it stops. Make everyone a full citizen. If you've committed "terrorism", you get a fair trial, and jail or execution if guilty, depending on severity of crime. Equal rights for all. Whatever you cannot annex, work out with Egypt to take control of it.

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