Comment: Rand is a Compromiser and that is Part of his Tactic

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Rand is a Compromiser and that is Part of his Tactic

It is very telling that his Maiden Speech on the Senate Floor tackles the question of compromising. Rand is a compromiser from the perspective of any true Ron Paul supporter and Rand dwells in his political action between the Great Compromiser Henry Clay and his cousin Cassius Clay (who in a way could be seen as to represent Ron Paul at least in some sense). Everybody should watch this Maiden Speech of Rand as it presents his whole dilemma as a Senator. In a way all his political action can be interpreted in the context that this Maiden Speech opens. Ron did his job of education and many woke up, but the masses sleep so deeply that Ron is just nuts from their perspective: the distance is too vast. Rand tries to bring the masses to the Promise Land of Liberty and he needs to speak their language. I have said many times Rand is not for us, he is for them. And what Rand is doing is absolutely fantastic. So what he is doing is highly important.

So here is the Maiden Speech which is highly important, in my opinion, for anybody who wants to understand what he is doing:

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