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I'd phrase it more along the lines of

"never fully understood/accepted a major component of Christ's teachings". I don't see the faith as calling us to do whatever it takes to secure our own liberty. I don't know if it prohibits it or not, I just don't see the call to overthrow Caesar in the physical realm. Christians are at their holiest and living out the Kingdom as well as it can be lived out in this world when they are under persecution. Listen to the violence underlying how Huckabee exercises his "liberty" and you'll see how power corrupts the faith.

Christian just means someone's attempting to follow Christ and has accepted the gift of salvation. Even Huckabee meets that definition. Where he falls short of making a sincere attempt when it comes to accepting the peaceful parts of Christ's teachings, don't most of us fall short in some way for some teaching?

But of course "narrow is the way" so maybe I'm being too hopeful that the number of people who have found it fall under my rather broad definition.

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