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Why? Like you said, Let's go back to the 1940's...

The Israeli-Arab conflict erupted in 1947-48 because the one-time Muslim majority refused to live peacefully alongside Jewish emigrants and re-emigrants, pouring into Israel from Europe after the Holocaust, when no other nations (including USA) would take them in. These Jewish emigrants were not only refugees fleeing horrors in Europe, they were returning to their spiritual, G-d given Biblical homeland, looking for a new beginning after many of them losing everything and everyone they ever knew in the holocaust.
The Muslim population living in what was called Palestine, for years lived 'relatively' peacefully alongside a small Jewish minority before that time, as they had (and still do sometimes) in several other Islamic nations. Typically, Islamist nations will only tolerate a minority population of "infidels", and only so long as they exist as 2nd class citizens under Islamic rule. When the Jewish population rapidly began to rival and become even greater than the Muslim population in Israel, in the mid-late 1940's, the radical Muslims attacked Jewish emigrants. There were attacks and retaliation, and brutality on both sides.
The British, who controlled the area at the time, did not want to get involved, and could not keep control. They abandoned the Jewish refugee emigrants, the already local Jewish minority, the Muslim population, and the whole country.
Surrounded by hostile Islamic nations, and a hostile population in their own neighborhood, the surviving Jews were expected to be wiped out by Muslim nations.
(This may have been all part of Hitler's "Odessa Plan", to round up all Jews in Palestine post-war, and have his Islamist ally The Grand Mufti, wipe them out. Iran, once named Persia, the name translates to "Aryan". Iran today, backs Hezbollah, and Hamas. Also, there were many powerful British, American and globalist individuals who secretly were pro-Nazi, or sympathized with Nazi ideas. They influenced the creation of the U.N. Keep in mind also, that while the USA did not allow Jewish refugees in America, the MIC did import the Nazi brain-trust, via Project Paperclip, and gave them the keys to run many top-secret military and intelligence programs. And there were even British Royal family members who were open supporters of Hitler.)
However, the Jews in Israel had secretly built crude small-arms weapons manufacturing plants underground, hidden from the British, who would have confiscated and arrested them. This allowed enough weapons to be distributed for the Jews to arms themselves, and take whatever gear the British and others had left from WWII, defend themselves from the hostile Islamists and resurrect the nation of Israel.
Over 180,000 native Arab-Muslims chose to join with the new Israeli state, stay on their land, and become citizens. Today their children enjoy equal rights and citizenship just as Jewish Israelis.
However, the majority of Palestinian Muslims rejected joining the Israeli state as their Islamist beliefs refuse to allow them to live under a Jewish majority government. All the surrounding Islamic nations felt exactly the same way, as they still do today for the same reasons, and they simultaneously attacked the brand-newly re-founded Jewish nation. Without any help from the US, UN, or anyone other than G-d Himself, the new Israeli Army defeated the Muslim attackers, in the first Arab-Israeli war. This re-established the Nation of Israel.

As for the role of the United Nations, they have done nothing but hinder Israel from the beginning. They invented the two-state solution, initially intended as a 3-state-Solution in 1947, one Arab, one Israeli, the other secular and controlled directly by the UN. This intended "solution" is what kicked off the first real major Arab vs. Israeli civil conflicts in British controlled Palestine in November 1947. When the Islamic states surrounding the country joined in, while all UN and western nations sat it out, the Jews were forced to defend themselves outright. The UN helped create Israel, but not the way they wanted it. They created the real conflict. And they kept instigating it by never allowing Israel the decisive victory, and putting pressure on Israel for the two-state "solution", that has led to nothing but unending conflict.

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