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No it is not fine for people to call me up - because I have

not given out my phone number and asked people to call me and report things. MSNBC DOES have a phone number and they do ask people to call.

In this case -the wrongdoing is not a nuisance or harassment since the person answering the phone is paid to answer the phone,and the person doing the vetting(or lack there of) is being paid to qualify the caller.
This is no different than a bar tender being expected to card patrons - it is their job to do so - they DO have an expectation and responsibility to do so - it is the social(and legal) compact they make by being granted a license to sell liquor. No different than the social compact the news media have in being granted an fcc license.

It is funny, just last week - a bunch of local liquor stores and bars got fined and will probably have to close for a couple of days because the state sent in an underage person to attempt to buy alcohol. The state does these checks on a regular basis - in order to keep the owners on their toes.

Why doesn't the FCC do the same thing?
Well, now we have a 1st amendment problem and government involved with the news problem and all sorts of problems if they did that.

So again, here comes a person to do the job that needs to be done to illustrate the principle that the media is full of crap and will regurgitate whatever crap they are fed.

Your ascertain that liberties and jack-assedness cannot co-exist is silly. This man is a jack-ass maybe, but he did not violate any liberties so that is a fail.

As for character. Perhaps you should work on your own. I do not believe calling people idiots is a good way to take the character high ground.