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You should do your own research but

it's safe to say most people posting here are not anti-Israeli, anti-Palestinian, anti-Chinese, anti-American, anti-Russian, anti-English, etc.

What we are opposed to is the murderous shenanigans the ruling class and the governments of all these people are continually up to.

I would be surprised if anyone here says they are opposed to anyone merely because of geography, race, ethnicity, or religion.

It's up to you to figure out which governments are mostly to blame in any particular conflict. But it's always the government, and it's only rarely and accidentally that one government is blameless in a particular situation, and that innocence is only transitory.

I may be wrong, but any apparent bias in any particular conflict is simply due to the fact that available evidence supports one government or another being primarily or egregiously guilty.

It's also critically important to understand that denunciation of one government isn't equivalent to an endorsement of opposing governments.

Whatever the positions people take on any particular conflict, I also would say this by way of summation: Most of us are very pro-American. This is why we do not approve of what the ruling class and government does in our name with money stolen from us.

If you love your country, you must distrust your government. Anything else is unpatriotic and a dereliction of your moral duty to your countrymen.

Trusting the government is a corrupt act of cowardice. Whatever country you live in.