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I feel sorry for your

Family then, that you are not willing to protect their lives. Jesus said to love your enemies but that in no way means to look the other way if someone tries to harm your loved ones. I think it's really silly that you think Jesus does not want us to protect our families from harm and I also think its silly that you think a person is only capable of experiencing only one emotion without being a contradiction. Perhaps you should read Ecclessiatics. There is time for all things...a time for love and also a time for hate. God is love but hates sin. God gives life, God takes life. Babies die every single day Steve...millions of them are ripped from their mothers wombs and many more die of cancer, disease, neglect and abuse. You can't seem to get that it's not nearly as important what happens in this life as the next. Those babies which you are so concerned about God having killed; their soul's went to Heaven. If they had lived to be adults they most assuredly would have gone to Hell. Perhaps you really believe that would have been better? I doubt; however, that they would agree.