Comment: I've been thinking...

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I've been thinking...

I'd be very surprised if all the "elite" don't have multiple identities. I remember my old man used to have 3 drivers licenses back in th3 70's. (he had residences in 3 different states and back then it that wasn't such a big deal)

But, think about it...if you have access to goverment agencies that will accommodate you, you could have several different names, ss#'s, etc so you could litterally have multiple "legal" id's. How nice would be to borrow money from your buddies at the FED under one name and then just don't pay it back? So your "guy" now has back credit or goes bankrupt...who cares? It would just be one of your used up "bad credit ID's". You could kill yourself off several times too and just create another you. I certainly wouldn't put it past the criminals who have gained control of the levers of power all over the world.

I'm thinking a lot of the crooks will be "eliminating themselves" in the months and years ahead. (of course A LOT have already "died")

If you have been looting the nation and stealing from all corners of the would make sense to "kill" that greedy SOB and then grow a beard and sail off to some island chain using one of your other personalities. You Ken Lay and Bernie Madoff. Ken Lay I think lives in the British Virgin Isle's and Madoff just shows up at the federal prison in NC every once in a while to have his picture taken in the orange jumpsuit. I think he Island hops from Burmuda to the Grand Caymans. Its a great scam no?