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Comment: I think they do agree

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I think they do agree

but they have been conditioned to be afraid. But I don't think that fear is working as well anymore.

If you told people tomorrow that 'taxes' were voluntary how much do you think people would pay?

If you told people that there was a bill that was going to pass to make taxes voluntary unless 51% of people came out and voted to stop it, do you think it would be stopped?

People don't like all the arbitrary and lawless control the ruling class has over them, but 1) they don't think they can change it and 2) they have been programmed to fear freedom through various rhetorical avenues.

But if people could actually go down to HR tomorrow and tell them they are no longer contributing the the massive waste that is the government, how many would not?

I don't know, but I suspect most people wouldn't. And isn't what people actually do when they have an actual choice the best indicator of what they think and feel?

So I suspect most people do agree or would agree by their actions. They just aren't in any position to do anything about it.

People loved chattel slavery, until they didn't. The difference today is the people are themselves the slaves. I don't think it would take much more than the opportunity to end statism.

Do you think the states would ratify another federal government today? I really doubt it.

Do you think counties would ratify state governments today if they had a choice? I doubt it.

Do you think people in counties and towns would ratify county seats and municipal governments if they had a chance not to?

Maybe, but I doubt anything larger. And if so I suspect the scope of authority would be drastically reduced.

People might be stupid enough to fall for local governments. But I don't think they would fall for what we have now if they could effectively say no.