Comment: And They're Going to Sell Them at Toys R Us

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And They're Going to Sell Them at Toys R Us

Sorry, that's what I thought when I saw the headline.

Those of us who are old enough remember when Japan was the current China. In-between there were Korea, Mexico, India and a few others able to supply us with cheap products no one here could provide, and then by moving into products we produce, but doing it cheaper or better.

If they were able to, they, like Japan, raised standards and improved their products, until they earned the business away from companies, here.

Those countries pulled themselves up by selling us stuff, as we performed our function of being consumers of the world.

I can see it now, "made in Japan" on the souvenir pencil I bought in San Francisco's Chinatown in 1964. Today it would be "Made in China" on a Japantown pencil. Or "made in Japan" on a drone fleet.

What do you think?