Comment: I'm growing tired of your Islamist-supremism... Kill Jews...

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I'm growing tired of your Islamist-supremism... Kill Jews...

...Is what you're saying.

20% of Israel's citizen population is Arab Muslim, many serve in the IDF, dropping bombs on radical Muslims trying to kill them for daring to live alongside "infidels".

How do radical-Muslims, like Hamas, treat non-Muslims though?! They behead them! Crucify them! And we have shills on DP, who support "dhimma", and actually argue that it is practical and just.

Hey Iconoclast, read the Bible.

Israel is forever the homeland of the Jewish people.

An army of foreign Muslim invaders fought to steal/conquer the land from the Romans, who stole/conquered it from the JEWS ORIGINALLY! It was the Romans who named it 'Palestine'. The Jews, after the holocaust which you deny, conquered it BACK! Back to the RIGHTFUL owners of the land! Divine Providence!

Muslims have lived there for a fraction of the time Jews have lived there. For thousands and thousands of years Jews have called the land of Israel their spiritual homeland, and never stopped knowing the land as it's true name, Israel.
That's why the place was an empty desert, producing little fruit until the Jews returned, and the country blossomed again, just as the Bible said would happen.

So forget the Iconoclast, one who attacks established religion (as long as it's other than Islam), and your BULLSHIT about "oppressors".

Who is stoning their little girls to death for refusing arranged marriages to crusty old Muslim men?
Islamist Oppressors.

BTW, go ahead and try to say about Palestine, and the Romans, that that was a long time ago, and this is today. Don't even try it. Because it was 1948 that Israel was re-established. It's now 2014, and the Israeli state is well established, well into it's new generations. But the Islamists are still fighting to drive Jews off the land, not for their "rightful native homeland". They don't live there, haven't for generations.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?