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Who do you trust?

Who is going to run that you would vote for? If no one, why do you care who becomes president? If you don't care, how do you expect to ever have any liberty?

If you're waiting to get all your liberty in one swoop, you'll never get it. All or nothing usually means nothing.

I understand your frustration. I said I'd never vote for Rand when he supported Romney over his dad but if electing him means we get Ron in an effective position, like Treasury Secretary, then I'll take that over some GOP RINO or Hillary and I'm Libertarian. I'll take liberty any way I can get it. Unlike most Republicans that would never vote Libertarian but claim they want liberty, I'm willing to take bend to get them to open their eyes wider like Ron Paul did by switching parties.

Politics is a nasty game. Honesty though admired by the people will only get you that, admiration, not a seat where you can make a difference.