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UPDATE 1: Some vids on Casspir; would be lying if I said, I wouldn't want one! lol: hey, it'd make a pretty good alternative to an Unamog, as a platform to build an expedition RV on

Casspir Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle |
Published on Apr 5, 2014

The Casspir is an unusual vehicle, being in service in much the same form not only with several South African Police forces but also with the South African National Defense Forces. It was originally developed for the rigorous conditions of Namibia, where a very high mine threat was prevalent. More information on website.

Mechem (Casspir Mfr)'s own info:

Mechem - Vehicle Business
Published on Aug 5, 2012

MECHEM is the original designer of the CASSPIR, the trusted name in Mine Protected Vehicles, and now facilitates the sale and manufacturing of new CASSPIR vehicles and the total remanufacturing of all previous models of the CASSPIR family of vehicles for commercial consumption and to approved Militaries worldwide. From our vast experience in Mine Action we also facilitate in the sale of Ancillary equipment used in demining and BAC operations.

Published on Aug 6, 2012

The MECHEM Vehicle Mounted Mine Detection System is a metal detection system integrated with a suitable mine protected vehicle platform. Metal detection systems from various manufacturers are used. The MVMMDS uses an electronic pulse induction metal detection system and the sensors are mounted on a non-metallic rubber draw-mat that is drawn behind a modified CASSPIR or TAPIR Mine Protected Vehicle. The draw-mat can be towed directly behind the vehicle or to the left or right of the vehicle.

Mechem - Technology
Published on Aug 6, 2012

MECHEM's Research & Development track record has resulted in a formidable Mine Action product portfolio, which gives us a technological edge in the market. It allows for a focused technological application towards improved techniques, products and equipment

Corporatist-WarWhore Broken Window Fallacy-'economy' in action:

Real Econom Report 167 - BAE Systems Land Systems South Africa
Uploaded on Sep 1, 2011

From Creamer Media in Johannesburg, this is the Real Economy Report.

BAE Systems Land Systems South Africa recently unveiled a new version of the Casspir mine protected vehicle. Keith Campbell reports.

Real Economy Report 82
Uploaded on Oct 22, 2009

Veteran South African mine-protected vehicles get a new lease of life; conflicting views on the remediation of the Wonderfonteinspruit; and, we speak to Solar World Congress chairperson Jon Adams.

Predictions in due Time...

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