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Offerings continue

I offered my competitive viewpoints to John Darash on the subject matter (jurisdiction?) of Administrator Education.

I was given the go ahead, by John Darash, to start this Topic with this title. I wanted the title to be along the lines of Administrator Courses Competition. Someone on the Conference Call wanted a different title; hence the title Administrator Discussion instead of Administrator Course Competition, or Administrator Testing Competition.

During that conversation I asked questions concerning the future Testing procedure that will work as a GATE KEEPING effort to stack the Administrators allowed into POWER as National Liberty Alliance Common Law Grand Jury Administrators.

Before someone goes all nuts on me, in their brains, as to the GATE KEEPING and JURY STACKING terminology, it may help to know what I mean in FACT.

It is perfectly legitimate to narrow down the pool of jurists in any case where people in ancient history, or people in recent history, or people now, or people in the future endeavor to employ the concept of trial by jury as an effective means by which people defend each other with a process that is affordable to everyone, and affordable especially to the criminals who may then find a remedy for their life of crime with due process of law.

Stacking the jury, or keeping the gate closed to unwanted jurists, or opening the gate to jurists wanted, qualifier, able, educated, knowledgeables, wise, moral, effective, accurate, kind, just, merciful, on and on, can be easily seen in a few angles of view.

1. Rocks cannot sit on juries. Rocks cannot breath air, or see things, but rocks don't lie, so a rock on a jury is better than a specialist who specializes in lying.

2. Lizards, rats, vampire bats, mad dogs, vipers, tomatoes, cabbages,
other vegetables, and any number of unqualified living beings cannot sit on juries, but again those living things do not lie, so those things are better on juries than well practiced, well paid, well educated, liars.

3. Randomly selecting 12 people out of all things, everywhere, including rocks, rats, and cabbages, are not likely to work effectively in defending the innocent from the liars and the criminals who hire the liars to keep the criminals covered up.

4. Narrowing down the effective pool of jurists is a process that is now working as I type this in reality. Those who volunteer to be jurists are in the pool. Those who don't, are not in the pool.

5. Despite all the efforts by the well paid liars, the criminals, and the foreign, evil, Exchequer/Common Pleas/Equity/Chancellery/Admiralty-Maritime/Kangaroo (see: Court people (things cannot be responsible or accountable for willful action) the innocent people are not so stupid, ignorant, apathetic, dumb, reckless, criminally negligent, or criminally insane, to completely remove trial by jury from existence as a means by which people defend people from criminals, and people defend people especially from people who are hidden behind the color of law.

Case in point:

6. Despite all the effective falsehood infecting so many minds in the existing jury pool, trial by jury remains very powerful as a process afforded to almost everyone - if we the people volunteer.

7. Can the existing pool of jurists be inspired to volunteer, to educate themselves, and to then be better armed at finding the truth and the law in any case?

The concept of National Liberty Alliance is effectually an answer to the previous question.

Yes, that is gate keeping, and yes that is stacking the jury POOL.

So long as the element of random selection (sortition) is preserved so long will the Rule by Man (dictatorship) element be removed.

Res-pubica, or government for the people, by the people, and of the people, is thereby preserved, and thereby, with that element of sortition (random selection) the ultimate choice of stacking each jury in each case is out of the hands of dictators and into the hands of whichever POWER is at work when 12 (petite) or 25 (grand) people are randomly selected in each case.

Let that be clear, please.

Moving onto subject matter (what I consider to be Case 1, Case 2, and Case 3) information:

Time: 22:00 onward

Before commenting a reference ought to be linked:

For readers:

For those who prefer not to read:

The common denominators stand out as:

1. Monopoly control (antagonistic, criminal, competition)
2. Free Market Competition (cooperative, mutually beneficial, competition)

In context of my earlier works on Federation (13 Republics Voluntary Union) versus Consolidation (Con Con of 1787 Legalized Slavery), please consider 5o Constitutionally Limited Republics each commanding their own competitive Free Market Money systems.

New York may employ the following:
A New System of Paper Currency by Lysander Spooner

That type of system backs the money (accurately accounted, or "sound") with Real Estate.

Alaska my use a money backed by Gold and Oil.

California may be an Free Market Money State where any city and any county can use their own money exemplified here:

So the idea can be expressed in the following example:

The way it works for the criminals is for the criminals to create a DEPENDENCE upon the CRIMINAL money (unsound, false, misleading, fraudulent, extortive, or just call it what it is: criminal) and then the criminals add or subtract the MONEY SUPPLY to create BOOMS and BUSTS.

When the criminals create BUSTS, there is then DEPRESSION cause by the criminals who outlaw any money other than the criminal money, and the criminals keep all the money, and the criminals do not allow anyone other than fellow criminals to gain access to the criminal money, and that is a simple as it gets folks.

So...the story in Worgl Austria, before Wall Street financed the rise of Hitler and the Nazis, was a place where the people solved their dependence upon criminal money problem.

That is the same story each time that solution is used (in any form the money may take) when the criminals intend to cause DEPRESSION or BUST, or DESTABILIZATION, or whichever word they want to use today: inflation, quantitative easing, enhanced interrogation techniques, extraordinary rendition, human trafficking.

How about that one? Look mom there is a human traffic jam.

How about trail of tears?

How about Bataan Death March?

See what happens when accurate accounting is done? Call a spade a spade and follow the trail back to the source to find what?

So the fix on the Federal design is such that there are then 50 Republics where some of the Republics may have 50 competitions going on in each county, and the result is a FORCE (free market force is strictly voluntary choices people make so as to get more bang for their bucks, better instead of worse, higher quality instead of lower quality, and lower cost instead of higher cost) and what does the money look like at that point when that starts?

What does the money look like when that free market force works for a long time in many competitive cities, counties, republics, and federations?

Compare the improvements in money markets (negative) to the improvements in computers and cell phones (positive).

If people can't set aside the health issues with cell phones, then concentrate only on how free market forces work on personal computers instead of both cell phones and personal computers, or, just look at connectivity in general.

Free market forces work to inspire people to make better connections.

1. Gestures made with grunts and hand signals
2. Spoken language
3. Written language
4. Math
5. Music
6. Telegraph
7. Radio
8. Television (see:
9. World Wide Web

In the past someone could have and hold the information needed to save someone else from a life threatening condition, and the distance between the information needed and the information supply was measured in months or years of travel time.

Now we have the ability to open source all medical information world wide, if we want to, and then a database open to all (the public) would enable each patient to connect almost instantly to the most effective cure (highest in quality and affordable in cost).

That (free market forces) works on all things within the power of people.

Money is no different than personal computers.

If it is open source, or the market is free for all competitors (not criminal competition) then the force applied will be the force of many voluntary choices seeking higher quality and lower cost.

Free market choices (Federal design compared to dictatorial/CONSOLIDATED/monopoly design) rises the tide lifting all boats.

Karen Hudes is describing that difference, despite the fact that Karen Hudes may be very wrong about many other issues.

The World Reserve Currency Power is often divided into criminal opponents seeking to gain World Reserve Currency Power and that is not an accident, that is done that way on purpose; that is the nature of that game.

That is World War III. Russia is financed and encouraged to fight Nato; and China ends up with World Reserve Currency Power as the ONE WAR DEBT COLLECTION AGENCY.

The same people show up as the "leaders of the free world" if you look for them.

1. New World Order/Illuminati
2. Jesuits

Jesuits are said to be betting on the Chinese. Jesuits are probably offering the deal to the New World Order/Illuminati, take it or suffer the consequences.

If you are not a member you are food for cannons.

You are given a ticket to the pogrom. You are invited to dinner and you are on the menu.

The solution was in the hands of the people in the form of a Federal (free market) government design between 1776 and 1787, including trial by jury in each Republic at various levels of competitive power IN OPPOSITION to Exchequer/Common Pleas/Equity/Chancellery/Admiralty-Maritime/Kangaroo "due process," which was, is, and will always be summary just us.

Are you ready to start your first case in common law?