Comment: This is why I've never been 100% into the DP

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This is why I've never been 100% into the DP

Because of people like you. The sheep that still roam this site thinking we are this "separate movement." We are all in this together. Just like Alex Jones used to get attacked as a "loon" and "conspiracy theorist" and now DP is Infowars Light. Same thing with Drudge. He is on our side. The cause of individual liberty and freedom of press rights. They will continue to dominate this website here and into the future wake up. I've been here since 2011 and I've seen the shift. You all love Ron Paul yet you dislike those that have stood with him as the mainstream media blacked him out and attempted to censor his message? Alex Jones has known Rand Paul for almost 20 years and Ron Paul even longer. Drudge gets 1 billion views a month and is on our side. He said 2013 would be Alex Jones year and it sure was and moving into 2014 his Youtube channel has half a billion views and coming in close to 1 million subscribers which will only grow past 5 million as the things get worse. Visionaries like these are attacked by the feeble minded that truly don't understand what we are doing as a community of individuals of veterans and patriots who want freedom and understand the New World Order end game. There is a reason you are seeing a lot more Drudge and a lot more Inforwars on here. BECAUSE it aligns with our message of freedom and the Tea Party started by the Ron Paul revolution. Like Drudge said 2014 is everything. Not left vs right but Libertarians vs Authoritarians.