Comment: Or maybe they are turning into us?

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Or maybe they are turning into us?

News posted here is aggregrated by the DP community(us). Unlike drudge,infowars,rt, or most of the commonly linked places, we do not have a core group of "gatekeepers"(to use Tom Woods' phrase) that select stories.

I think it is more of a fact that Drudge,RT, Inforwars, and the rest are considered the political opposition. Think about Faux News and how Judge Andrew Napolitano works there or how they actually give Rand Paul a (mostly) fair shake when they interview him.

It is not a matter of DP transforming, but a matter that only those sites ever carry honest criticism of the National(they have not been federal since 1861) Government.

Try mentioning the fact that benghazi covered up government weapons trafficking to jihadist groups to DailyKos. Try criticizing the Export-Import Bank(which even progressive darling Elizabeth Warren wants to do) and you are labeled as being against economic growth. Oppose Iran Sanctions? Then you must want Iran to be better equipped to put down dissidents.

Speaking of dissidents? Has anyone seen the anti-war left lately?

If the next prez is any Republican EXCEPT Rand Paul, you can expect the tide to switch and for Liberals to declare that they have ALWAYS been wary of expanded government power and that we have ALWAYS been at war with Eurasia.