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I disagree

"You can trace the explosion in the gap between the rich and the poor, and the rise of Homelessness (which began in the 1980s) with "Trickle Down" economics."

You can trace that same explosion to the expansion of government via the default on the international gold standard 1971) and the subsequent unrestrained growth of the federal government that was limited by the checks provided by the gold standard...and abandoned in 1971. The last real check on government.

Legitimate trickle down economics in a free market absolutely works in my opinion. What we have in this country isn't a free market...and hasn't been for much of our recent history. I agree with you the system is rigged's not because of the rich in my opinion though. The focal point is government...the rich have influence over the government creating a crony capitalist type society...but it's government at the focal point. Get rid of the incentives in government for that environment to flourish...and you correct the problem.

" And breaking up Monopolies is the most "free market", competitive market thing that you can do."

Monopolies don't exist in a free market...there is no need to break them up....which brings us back to the point that we don't live in a free market.