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Sorry M

I musta missed it earlier. It is an interesting idea. He says that word choice can effect all sorts of other things. I agree with that. I also read the article about radical honesty.
I don't always agree with that approach. I mean, I agree with honesty of course and if someone asks me something I'll be honest even if it means I sugarcoat a little, I still get my point across. And if a friend or someone I care about is about to make what I think will be a big mistake I'll let them know my honest thoughts without them asking, but really....I don't feel the need to tell everyone everything, and I don't feel like everyone wants to know everything I think about them either.

Anyways, wanna try the 21 day no complaining thing with me?

That made me think; that would be 21 days without downvoting right? Downvoting around here is a form of complaining. Do ya think? I can do that, I don't downvote often anyways, but do ya think that is a nonverbal form of a complaint?