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yeah smart guy

...if that's all you got out of my post, maybe I should explain that almost nothing is certain in the markets. To beat the market you need to consider multiple scenarios and decide which ones are most likely.

Yeah, if you want to be a smart ass, "we could be higher or lower" but seriously...Could you not clearly discern from my post that a bearish resolution was anticipated? It was merely a question of whether it would start from then-current levels, or from moderately higher levels. Todays sell-off gives weight to the likelihood that a sizeable sell-off is already underway. It's a good thing I already began positioning myself last week, BEFORE it started.

P.S. I guess it okay for YOU to call for lower prices while allowing for higher prices in the same post...
Submitted by Doug Eberhardt on Sun, 06/29/2014 - 12:18.
"...Which brings us to my current analysis. While we can still bounce higher to the $1370 to $1400 range (market makers would love to trap more bulls at $1400), my indicators tell me this bounce is not real. I was interviewed for a radio show recently, about a half hour long and you can see why I think the way I think. I do in fact think we will break the 2013 June and December lows."

So, I guess we could go higher or lower according to Doug