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"Words and definitions are only useful in the process of communicating ideas."

Exactly, hence why they are important.

"Hence, in most debates, definitions are stipulated to at the beginning. The same with legal documents."

Sure, from where should definitions be derived? Who stipulates them? Step 1 should be agreement upon definitions, or a rational sorting out of those definitions, or else confusion will follow.

"You refuse to acknowledge your grossly misinterpreted definitions, and insist on arguing for them. That's fine. Stipulating your definitions are correct and you can have a 100% voluntary government, then there is no disagreement. It's bullshit though."

You insist the dictionary / commonly accepted definitions are "bullshit", yet provide no evidence or rational argument for such.

"100% Voluntary = Anarchism, but whatever. I don't care what you call things as long as the concepts are correct."

So, provide a reasoned argument for this. Are definitions important, or do you "not care what we call things?"

It can't be both.

"Further, you take both sides of every position. As only an anarchist pretending to be a minarchist can do."

This presumes the "both sides" dichotomy is correct. I disagree with that presumption. I'd love to engage about why this is.

"I am not sure what YOU think intellectual debate is, but this isn't it."

Finally, we agree!
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