Comment: Rand should not be a wedge

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Rand should not be a wedge

Rand is not a libertarian. Not exactly news to anyone on this site.

I do not think that supporting Rand means you are a sheep neither does opposition mean you are a purist. The ironic thing is that BOTH sides accuse each other of taking a path that will yield no results.

The advantage of the liberty movement over others is that we DO NOT(or should not) put our eggs in one basket. Will the liberty movement weaken and die if Rand runs or loses? Will it die if he runs,wins and is transformed into a neocon?

The answer is of course not.

If you do not support Rand or his recent statements cause you to withdraw your support, then I wish you well in your own efforts to spread liberty.

If you see this as a setback or your faith in Rand is not yet shaken, then I also wish you well in your effort to use Rand as a conduit for liberty.

I do not believe we need to make the establishment's job easier for them by denying ourselves any conduits for liberty. Using Rothbard's example about voting:If you were in a prison, and the warden gave you a chance to vote on changing the warden each year or every few years, would you opt out or would you vote for the warden LEAST likely to mistreat you.

We have many options for achieving liberty,and Rand is but one.

For me, my faith in Rand has been shaken, but not so much that I would consider voting for someone else entirely(unless Ron runs again).

The issue, I suspect, is a conflict within Rand's staff. We need to get past soundbites, and figure out what is really going inside his staff. Rand Paul is not another clueless republican. He referenced a WeAreChange video in his Drone Filibuster. What this tells me is that there are people in his office who are deeply invested in the liberty movement. Based on this assumption, what is happening may be subversion by the establishment, as we saw with the removal of David Brat's liberty-minded campaign manager.

These days, the big political consulting firms with media connections run campaigns and may have had a role in the removal of David Brat's campaign manager, and may be the very people that are pushing Rand Paul away from the liberty position on these issues.

What we really need is the kind of insider info we got during the 2012 elections and figure out what is going on in Rand-land.