Comment: Okay, let's do it. Anyone wanna join us? It's just 21 days. :)

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Okay, let's do it. Anyone wanna join us? It's just 21 days. :)

I've been practicing this for a while, actually. And you don't exactly strike me as any big complainer. But yeah (speaking for myself), maybe it's time to just stop altogether. And, heck yeah, down-voting counts as complaining! (I didn't read the article on radical honesty. I'm sure there's no way I'd agree with that where opinions would be concerned.)

I have more to say but need to go. Let's put it on the agenda to talk about those house rules tomorrow sometime, if possible. (Like whether you agree w/the guy's rule re "solutions" making a complaint okay.)

And yeah, you have a point about using anadrome as some sort of "solution" to a complaint - with the C's... & words like "soccers" or "hows" being acceptable. I'm still fuming that recently the "definition" given for one word was the mis-spelling of another. [!] Then there's the paucity of vowels on some boards. And how about boards like the one we're playing - pretty & all but with the black boxes messing it up. It just seems to be deadlocked all over. Good thing I've already complained to WK, as I don't have a solution. :)

Thanks. I'm glad you suggested doing this!

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir