Comment: It might be the best that YOU have got

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It might be the best that YOU have got

Doesn't mean anyone has to fall in line behind you. The reason I wanted to vote for Ron Paul was because I see him being a real president. He wouldn't have dictated people to do ANYTHING even if it was in their best interest OR the best interest of a specific party.

I don't see Ron Paul writing a ton of executive orders but I do see him REMOVING or at least bringing up to the senate and congress the many laws and bills that should be removed.

I don't see anyone else actually being a real deal constitutional president.

I am not going to vote for the lesser of two evils even if it is Ron Paul's son.

Whoever wants to vote for him should and if he ends up as President, more power to him. No matter who ends up as president really doesn't matter unless we really want someone up top to DICTATE what can or can't be done here in America.

The PEOPLE need to wake up and even if Ron was president we would of still had many issues to deal with. Congress and senate would have still been passing bills and wanting to go to war because the PEOPLE are still stuck in stupid.

I would rather people focus on getting into local office, state governor and sheriff positions. Those actually have power within their state and local jurisdiction.

Imagine if we had nothing but libertarian and constitutional sheriffs across the country. That would REALLY change the way this country is run.

Each state could make sure their national guard stay HERE and the sheriffs would promote local militias.

I just don't see a president as some sort of super hero who can tell everyone how to live and act. The last few years and the way obama has done things it seems that many people in America think that if we have some amazing president that everything will get better.

People honestly think that a certain president could fix the deficit, make sure everyone has a job, make sure that no terrorists attack us and drop crime rates across the board. In what state of mind are people in? We need LIMITED GOVERNMENT and not a single man or woman dictating what should happen here in America. - My site on getting my little family prepped for whatever might come our way. - My site on growing marijuana