Comment: Don't get all butt hurt.

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Don't get all butt hurt.

Perhaps Rand actually does philosophically support Israel. If it is true, it would not make me happy, because I want him to be president, and I wish he could see straight on ALL TOPICS.

BUT. Even while this is bad news to me a Rand supporter, THERE IS STILL A SERIOUS PROBLEM if we are going to look for a candidate THAT WE ACTUALLY CARE TO SUPPORT in 2016.

1. Can we find another candidate that IS ON THE MONEY on the Israel issue, and will speak out about it?

2. Israel is SUCH A TOUCHY SUBJECT in the US. To be in ANY POLITICAL OFFICE, you pretty much have to be a Christian; atheists or Muslims rarely get to any office. Likewise YOU PRETTY MUCH HAVE TO SUPPORT ISRAEL publicly to hold the presidential office.

3. DOES RAND TRULY SUPPORT ISRAEL? Or does HE KNOW 2 from above? And he is just responding TO WHAT IS NECESSARY to gain office? (This doesn't make me happy either if true, since that makes him slithery to get what he wants or needs. But hey, if we want OUR CANDIDATE in office, realistically, we end up having to "play ball.")

4. Pick another candidate. I AM ALMOST CERTAIN that you will find things about another candidate THAT YOU HATE WORSE than Rand's stated opinion on Israel.

5. This is a "baby with the bathwater" issue, or "one broken foot issue." Just cause Rand doesn't get 100% on our test, he gets a 90%. So we shouldn't just shove him aside as if the other 90% is bad as well.

Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater, and just cause one foot is broken, doesn't mean we should break both legs.

6. So do you then invite Hillary to instead hold office? Because if we don't get a good GOP candidate in, Hillary is gonna get it; we can see that pretty clearly. Get another Romney or McCain in there, and we are done for again until 2024 when Hillary is done serving her second term.

PLEASE GUYS, DON'T MAKE ME WAIT until 2024 to get a realistic chance. I don't support money to Israel, and I don't think Rand should either. BUT I KNOW that THIS WILL ACTUALLY GET HIM ALOT OF VOTES, even though I disagree with the notion.

Stand with him. Give him a chance.

Rand Paul 2016.