Comment: Good to hear confirmation; a wonderful discovery.

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Good to hear confirmation; a wonderful discovery.

I've read a couple years ago and again this year maybe on the DP that red blood cells are consistently found in the bones of dinosaurs, which also means they were alive as recently as ten thousand years ago or thereabouts. Rock drawings of men riding dinosaurs as though they were domesticated wasn't fantasy after all. It will probably take another 20 years before it is accepted that dinosaurs lived at the time of "civilized" people.

This story is also more confirmation that everything you've been 'told' is a lie; and with that comment I must add: Still up for grabs is the God story, the greatest story never told, which most likely will never rock the world because the truth has been told and written about in hundreds of books, so that truth will probably take another 60 years or so before more than 50% of the population believes the truth; but they too will accept blindly the new propaganda without any responsible investigation on their part, no different than those today who scream Heresy at any suggestion that God comes from another Planet that returns to our solar system every 3600 years.