Comment: I kinda feel like jumoing onboard, but

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I kinda feel like jumoing onboard, but

I'm scared. I'm scared I will be deprived of my therapy, and as a result I'll fade into oblivion. This is something I've heard regularly from friends over the years, family too, "John, I've never heard you complain about anything. I've also never seen you angry. What's up with that?" I'm usually at a loss for words to answer the question. When I'm not at a loss for words I usually reply with something like, "I channel all of that toward my children. That's why you never see it. All you ever see are how well behaved my kids are, and a dad who is actually quite burned out on spewing complaint and anger after dealing with his kids." Friends eventually ask my children to verify all this, but I have them too well trained in fear of my wrath for them to spill the beans.

It's cribbage actually. Cribbage and a few other games. I assume this gaming persona. The persona is dramatically insatiable and whiney. I scream "NOOOOOO!" at bad cards that turn up on cuts. Hmm, now that I think about it, I scream "NOOOOOO!" just as often when good cards turn up on cuts. I can be 100 points ahead, and I'll still complain that the universe has cursed me. I haven't always been like this when playing games. It has developed in the last few years. It seems kind of therapeutic to me somehow, so I go with it.

I'm scared that I will implode if I don't engage games as such, at least cribbage, oh and maybe Mariokart. During Mariokart I've been known to fall on my belly and pound my fists on the floor.

Is shrugging allowed? I think I do a lot of shrugging while playing anadrome, and sometimes I roll my eyes. Seems kinda whiney to me now that I'm reflecting on it.