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Trying to make every biology, chemistry, physics, cosmology, geology, ect.. department on the planet complicit on a grand conspiracy to hush creationist is beyond ridiculous.

That's like arguing that every neo-con voting sheep is 'complicit' with the MIplex...
NOBODY is saying that. It's a straw argument.
They're just brainwashed en mass is all that is ever implied/inferred.
Same here.. exact same.
Status quo begets Status quo... herd MOMENTUM is always hard to 'stop'
Any factual conflict/cognitive dissonance is ALWAYS twisted to conform to the paradigms already embedded. It is our nature as social beings to do so.
Those holding RP/Libertarian views have to fight this battle EVERY day with a populace 'convinced' and brainwashed to back the warmongers.
Same here... exact same.