Comment: I predicted this

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I predicted this

would happen, and expect those at Rockwell to do the same. They tried to support Rand, due to repect for Dr Paul, but now their credibility is at challenge, and they must stand with their morals.

It appears Rand, has chosen to take a nationalist position with Liberty, and abroad he stands with tyranny against those who don't side with the Rothchild agenda. This stance by Rand, says he supports the racist supremicism promoted by the Rothschild network of elites, that you don't deserve any Liberty, unless you bow down to them as superior beings. This is what it actually means when you support the belief of Zionism.
Zionism started as a political belief, but has been transformed into a faux religious belief, through the hands of the Rothschilds, that destroys the tenants of the Christian belief in Liberty for all poeple, even respecting those who don't believe in Christ. The Puritans came to the New World to have Liberty to follow their beliefs. And, it was the Puritans, who would not support the Constition, if it didn't contain a 'Bill of Rights' and a 'Seperation of Powers', that would prevent the Federal Government from taking away their right to practice their religious beliefs. The Zionism belief means, as long as America supports Israel, it has Liberty from God, but it must destroy those who don't support this belief, that could become a threat to Israel controlled by the Jews.