Comment: Obvious falsehoods?

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Obvious falsehoods?

"The British were a big strong nation badgering a small weak nation. The counter-attack against the British province of Canada was the only feasible option. Self-defense is a moral right."

People are either acting morally or not in time and place. People are individuals. There is no such thing as a Nation that can be moral, immoral, think, act, do, be responsible, or be accountable.

Who ordered people to act violently upon people in any case anywhere? Having the accurate answer, because someone cares to know the answer, affords someone the opportunity to find out, from the horses mouth, what reasons the individual had in mind when they issued that order.

"The US was paying the debt back, but at the same time the British Empire was badgering the US on the high seas, hijacking about 400 US vessels and kidnapping about 8000 seamen. The People of the US finally had enough and fought back."

Who is this US? Who has cause to make payments to who, and for what reasons?

The so called US DEBT was a deal made by specific people for specific reasons in time and place from 1776 onward up to 1787. After the Con Con of 1787 the so called National Debt was a deal made between Alexander Hamilton and whoever he was dealing with during those days in those secret proceedings in Philadelphia.

Who is this thing called the "British Empire"?

Speaking as if things are responsible and accountable is convenient as best (rather than listing the names of the people involved) and at worst the art form is willfully deceptive.