Comment: I guess in the days when Harvard...

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I guess in the days when Harvard...

... accepted O'Reilly's application for admission, they were pretty hard up.
I can't for the life of me figure out why any institution of higher learning would want to be associated with a narrow-minded bigot and GOP bootlicker like O'Reilly.

His obsession with Iran is laughable. The Iranian leaders don't like Israel. Well, that's how you campaign in Iran. It's local politics at its best. Get over it O'Reilly.

Israel don't fear Iran. They don't seem to fear anyone. Why should we care about Iran? What is there about $18 trillion in debt and the Iraq fiasco that this knucklehead can't understand?

My advice to the honorable senator: Do yourself a favor and stay away from O'Reilly. You have no obligation to him and his dwindling number of supporters. Show him who holds the power.

Plano TX