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Es me fascina

My start has been a bit faultering but I've sent people down for medical treatment and at this point have examined more than a few business plans. I'm sort of peripherally involved in the effort to bring bitcoin down there.

So a brief rundown: DON'T EVEN SET FOOT IN CENTRAL AMERICA AT THIS POINT. One exception: Costa Rica which has become an ecological paradise. How long this remains so is dubious. I can see any one of the central gang armies walking in and taking them on a Tuesday.

Panama isn't the financial haven it once was. Uruguay is an up and coming financial haven but it's way overpriced now due to capitol flight from Argentina.

Argentina is about to default on it's debt. Everything is about to be on sale and USD will buy you anything. The problem is converting your profit out of ARG Pesos.

Chile next door is doing pretty wonderfully but again it's over priced for many of us looking for a real deal. Call Chile the Southern Free Market Capitol.

Paraguay is kind of a question mark to me but one to keep an eye on.

BOLIVIA AND PERU really look to be up-and-comers to me. Ditto Colombia in spite of the fact that an insurgent army still controls about 25% of the nation.

Venezuela: don't even bother.

Brazil: I don't even pretend to understand Brazil, Portuguese or Brazilians themselves. En que kirsch ew fasu?

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.