Comment: Then propose what "this movement" should do in 2016 for liberty?

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Then propose what "this movement" should do in 2016 for liberty?

Then propose what "this movement" should do in 2016 for liberty?

Everything you said is correct. The US HAS GIVEN AND WILL CONTINUE TO GIVE Isreal about $10mil a day. And Isreal HAS AND WILL continue to use this money for violence. Israel goes hand in hand with the US govt appetite for war. The US continues to be Israel's enabling buddy that allows Israel to pull off bully tactics in war.

So everyone is justified to be appalled at the actions of Israel and US sanctions.

AND I WISH Rand Paul could either see straight on this issue and more issues, or was capable of being completely honest and STILL WINNING a seat in the office.

BUT MY GUT tells me that there are going to be EVEN MORE COMPROMISES along the path to the office than just this. And that SOME OF THOSE COMPROMISES MAY be the ticket to any possibility of getting enough voter support to actually beat Hillary.

If Hillary gets in, you and I can eat our high-horse jerky, and argue like we are right now, for a whole 8 years before we get to have this type of realistic conversation again.

And Hillary really has such a strong position coming up, whether we want to believe it or not. Hillary is well known, has the Dem and Obama support base. She is a SHOE IN. I hate it, but it's true.

And IT SEEMS LOGICAL that if there WERE ONE FAVOR that could be done for Hillary in 2016 to GUARANTEE THE HILLARY WIN, it would be that the liberty base waver and shake off their BEST CANDIDATE due to intellectual reasons, and knock the goaly right out of the way, and guarantee and easy victory for Hillary and the Dems, and keep the liberal control for another 8 years.

In other words, if YOU WANT TO VOTE FOR HILLARY, your best action would be to steer people clear of Rand.

And in other words, Rand has a ton of support and momentum, and so does "this movement." IF YOU WANT TO MAKE THIS MOVEMENT IMPOTENT AND STERILE, then THROW AWAY THIS MOMENTUM and go for some luke warm character that is not even on the chart right now.

So let's not pretend this forum makes us special or holy, or that our principled position makes us holy, or that we can only accept candidates like Gary Johnson THAT STAND ZERO REALISTIC CHANCE of winning a seat.

The Dems would love to know that we are getting ready to do so!


If there are efforts that would REALISTICALLY support liberty MORE THAN SUPPORTING RAND IN 2016, SPEAK UP, lay it out there, tell us what actions make sense in 2016 to realistically support liberty?