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Comment: Agree, but you must also acknowledge the scientific method.

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Agree, but you must also acknowledge the scientific method.

Preponderance of evidence may influence the LIKLIHOOD of a theory being true, but it does not prove it.

The modern high priests of scientism (as opposed to science), would like to disregard the scientific method and declare theories as proven based on the evidence they present.

That is an illogical and faith based assertion.

There is only one way to scientifically prove something which is to conduct the EXACT SAME test multiple times and get the EXACT SAME results each time.

There is no other way to get a scientific proof. NONE.

Therefore, many subjects presented today as "scientific" "fact" are, in fact, not facts at all but conjecture supported by some (and sometimes good) evidence. Again, that may increase the LIKELIHOOD of a theory being true, BUT IT IS NOT A PROOF. Nor can it ever be, unless and until the required tests are completed.

Believe in "facts" absent scientific proofs are just another faith based religion, no different than creationism or any other religion.