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Come on!

Look, first of all this is a state university this is not a private institution. You and I have problems with the "state" part of it, but well, it exists and let's deal with it. Of course, in a state university they can't fired because you believe in X or Y, in fact that is the purpose of the suit if you read the article.

Many discoveries have been done because we have questioned the current system of thought. Somebody had say "There must be a way faster than the horse?", or "maybe we can fly like a bird?". I know there are weird ideas there. But the problem is how you view things. The way we believe in something is, first you believe in the person that is saying the idea then you believe in the message or idea. So if you are assuming that anyone that questions the current system is "crazy" you won't be able to analyze the argument. You just closed your mind. Yes, there are very crazy ideas around and I understand where you are coming from. Here are the credentials of the author I am mentioning, a very well educated and published scientist: go and watch one of the videos (the link on the bottom of the post). I happen to do research for living, he presents very good evidence on his arguments. Take a look at it.

A good way to defend your freedoms: