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Wait a sec.

Hold on there.

Certainly you understand the difference between defending what the British had been doing and questioning whether the American response was the right, prudent response to it? It's a little concerning that you are conflating the two, which is what advocates for any war often stoop to: paint the opposition as excusing the other side.

I haven't said one word justifying the impressments. But did the war bring the impressments to an end? No. It wasn't until Napoleon was later defeated that this happened.

I'm questioning whether the proposed cure was really a cure, or if it made things worse.

I'm also suspicious of some at the time seeing this as a chance to 'not let a crisis go to waste', and to further their expansionist, manifest destiny inclinations. I'm not saying this with certainty -- but with the history of people using war as a vehicle for achieving ancillary goals, it's good to at least consider this as a possible motivation.