Comment: My brother drives around 200,000 miles a year

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My brother drives around 200,000 miles a year

Brings home around 6 figures, not bad for a high school drop-out.

His new rig is a 12 speed automatic, 550 horses under the hood. His new reefer just set him back $75,000.

Gotta keep on truckin...

You're right about how it's changed. I used to help my oldest brother haul meat from the midwest to NYC (Hunts Point) once a week, whenever I could. I'd skip school or spend the vacation times with him. We used to do lots of deals over that CB, wouldn't even dare think of doing those kinds of things now.

One time we got to talking on the radio with a guy from Ohio on our way back to South Dakota (Brookings), and we stopped off at his house and he showed us this huge grow op he had in this dungeon of a basement.

Those were the good old days of trucking, you felt like you were a cowboy out on the range. Nowadays you're tracked and controlled into pure paycheck hell.

You don't change your own tires anymore, that's one good thing. And trucks today are Cadillac's compared to what was around just 20 to 30 years ago

You can still see the country and get paid for doing it, it's why my younger brother still does it, he loves it. Older brother quit long time ago...

My father is pushing 80 and he still trucks, over 2 million safe miles with one company alone. Still passes his exams, doesn't take a single pill, never had a surgery in his life. Says he wants to be the oldest trucker ever for his company. (One guy is 85 and still going strong)

Trucking is in my blood, it's why I keep a couple around and I haul all my own equipment whenever possible. But even for a little guy like me it's getting impossible. Can't easily find insurance for oldie but goodie trucks, and even harder to find something that is NON CDL.

One little trick is I paint on the doors "NOT FOR HIRE" and I drive right past all the scales!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown