Comment: Oh, c'mon, did you have to use a boat metaphor?

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Oh, c'mon, did you have to use a boat metaphor?

Ha, ha. Just kidding. Anyway, I haven't started yet myself. Okay, let's get down to business.

First, to stick with your analogy (at least for now), it's not as if the ship captain (or Long Island Railroad conductor) calls out, "All aboard!" and then the boat (or train) pulls away from the dock (or station) and out of sight, leaving naysayers, latecomers, or undecideds behind. Oh, drat. Now I'm thinking of Vanilla Fudge, People Get Ready. Hmm...

...This is only slightly off the point. I can see the challenge here for chronic complainers. While optimism, kindness, encouragement, praise, etc., etc., come naturally to me, cough, maybe if someone told a complainer to stop his complaining, it would be akin to someone telling me to nix the constant references to songs, lyrics, and movie lines (preferably in the correct voice) - such as to make a point, but really for any reason. [A friend of one of my children once asked if our family spoke "in code."] It would be difficult, if near impossible. Well, back to the point.

Not to mix metaphors (though I did warn you), being part of this challenge is sort of the opposite of "You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave." You can check in any time you like, and you can always leave - for good (and you can say, "To hell with the bad vibes I send reverberating into the universe affecting others and, eventually, myself); or you can laugh at yourself and... check back in.

The goal here is to reach 21 consecutive days without complaining. It can't take less than 21 days, obviously, but it might take far longer depending on how conscientious you are at either catching yourself complaining, creatively turning the complaint into something positive or to complain as usual *but* with the addendum of a solution. (Parameters are yet to be determined.)

So what's to be afraid of? Do you fear that you'll make it to Hey, 19, I mean Day 19, and then in a weak moment roll your eyes at someone's word played at Anadrome and...

unable to effect a British accent and with a wry smile mutter aloud, "Not to criticize or anything, but to help you understand the kind of spirit we like to imbue into the game, a competitive game, yes, but nonetheless with a spirit of camaraderie, in the future you might want to consider being careful where you place words containing a "C," as in so doing you (not you in particular, but anyone) can render a quarter or more of a board totally, utterly unuseable, and yes, yes, I know Jon said the C, and also V, can serve a "defensive" purpose in that regard, well, don't tell him, but, it would appear he takes the game far more seriously than the rest of us - and really, is winning everything? - or he may have neglected to note that in cutting off options to your opponent in that way, at the same time you cut off your own, and again, I'm truly not complaining about your having played the word "RECEIPT" and nicely accomplished what I just described, congratulations, and no, I don't mean that sarcastically, and no that wasn't a shrug, I was just stretchin' the back a bit as I've been sitting here much too long, as you can see by the permanent crease in my right and wrong, no, really, and anyway, don't get too lost in all I say, but at the time you know I really felt that way, but I can't get off yet and so I guess I'm here to stay til' someone comes along and takes my place with a different name, yes, and a different face - maybe has, jrd, maybe jon, and no, I'm not angry, I'm feeling alright"...

you'll have to start over at Day One?

In the worst case scenario, should something like that happen, where you're doing well and then, over something particularly irksome you simply cannot will yourself to forego the complaint or whiny gesture, nor find a way to put a positive spin on the remark, yeah, you just keep starting over - as Felix Unger said when they asked him how long he intended to stay locked in the bathroom - for "as long as it takes."

Well, I hope you'll join us. Really, all you need is faith to hear the diesels hummin'. You don't need no ticket. You just... thank... the... Lo-o-o-ord.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir