Comment: If there is any seriousness to my being "scared"

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If there is any seriousness to my being "scared"

it's not about squeezing out a "damn" when you or Jon steal my sweet spot on an anadrome board. I'd actually gladly start over at Day-1 for such a slip. I'm also not worried about being thwarted from pounding my fists on the floor during a Mariokart game. I would certainly benefit from keeping my hands on the controller. I am though, kinda scared that it will destroy my enjoyment of cribbage. Cribbage is like Shakespeare. When I play I assume a role akin to Iago on crack. People who know me but for the first time see me playing cribbage, don't actually see me. They say to my opponent, "Hey, where did John go, and who is that crazed idiot negative dickhead playing cribbage against you?"

I'm scared I might fall to pieces without my crazed idiot negative dickhead therapy.