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Well, at least I got my answer. I was beginning to wonder

if you guys were just interested in reading about, collecting, & comparing instruments vs. actually using them, such as to make music. But I'd like to point out, the jam session has just ONE rule: "there are no rules at the jam session."

Thinking of what might have given you the impression there were rules I could think of only two possibilities: 1) you somehow got hold of a copy of the Jam Session Book of Rules; and as that's not likely, 2) a genre of music you observed was missing. It's true, if you look at the following list admittedly there is at least one with no representation at the jam session: Fitness & Exercise. Please believe me, it's a fluke. There's no rule against it!

Whether people visit regularly or just pop in now and then, it's nice that everyone brings different tastes & experiences - a nice way to expand our music horizons and, at the same time, get to better know some DP members w/a shared interest. Well, hope to see some of you over there bringing your own unique perspectives. Of course, you you're not allowed to post or even listen to songs unless you're an official member. Let me check the rule book, yes, new members are admitted on the 1st of every month. You'll need to wait until next week.

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