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What we have shouldn't be

What we have shouldn't be called "democracy" because it bears NO resemblance to actual democracy practiced by the people who invented and last practiced it, the ancient Athenians.

There is nothing democratic about the modern state. The only elected officials in Athens were the strategoi (the 10 generals) and it is noteworthy that the fall of Athens was largely due to their own elected version of neo-con, Pericles.

Aside from the oligarchic election of strategoi, all other Athenian public office holders were selected by lottery (called sortition) who served for one year for a maximum of two terms in a lifetime.

Without sortition, there is no democracy.

What we have is oligarchy re-branded as "democracy" to control Boobus Americanus. Brainwash the slaves into thinking they are the ones in control... How great is that!?! Elective government is oligarchy. Aristotle wrote in Politics that elections are oligarchic and lottery democratic. Republic is oligarchy.

Again, no sortition? No democracy. Period.

Do we select public office holders by lottery? No? It ain't democracy. It's oligarchy.

It is also noteworthy that any careful review of historical political systems in terms of power distribution will tell you that modern American republic is much closer to the Roman Empire and that both the Spartan and Roman republics and, of course, Athenian democracy were much more democratic. The US is one step away from monarchy or in practice it really already is.

Describing any modern state as "democratic" is laughable once you understand how real democracy operated 2300+ years ago. Philip II of Macedon destroyed democracy and it hasn't been seen on this planet since.

The father of the modern state was Machiavelli - not Cleisthenes...

I now only refer to modern states as oligarchies. That's what they are so that's what they should be called. So the US military isn't spreading "democracy" but conquering in service of American oligarchs. Young American soldiers are killing and dying to spread American oligarchy - not "democracy"...

More on real democracy and sortition here (French w/ English subtitles)...