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1) 'What was the talk of town before that? how about before that?'

IMO what free people believe are important, though I may not necessarily hold the same values

2) 'i see the long line of abuses,do you?'

I see many opportunities of love lost and pre-suppositions concerning peoples ethics, which saddens me

3) 'while you might not have read anything about solutions from me,maybe it is because no one read/listened or heeded me in the past,and I just got plain sick and tired of repeating the same thing over and over to an unresponsive crowd'

If speaking to an unresponsive crowd, why then denigrate others?

4) 'No one can know what the future holds? really?'

Yes, because IMO each individual has been granted free will

5) 'the past always repeats itself,and the same write the history for all to read'

Disagreement: are you saying there will be identical Elvis Presleys? There may be imitators and successors, however the meaning of such public figures and events is not necessarily the same

6) 'did you offer any solutions? you know,the ones you wanted from me?

My best efforts to dignify the prerogative of individual choice while reserving the right to withdraw from abuse can be civically found here

Good evening to you