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You ignore evidence you don't like

Here's what is known:

"Within a few days of the kidnapping, the Israeli government already had two likely suspects. Marwan Qawasmeh and Amar Abu Aisha are two members of the so-called ‘Qawasmeh clan’ of Hebron, a group that is said to pay little heed to what Hamas has to say and that often acts in ways that are counter to Hamas’ goals. According to Israeli journalist Shlomi Eldar, the group has a tendency to attack (or try to attack) Israeli targets specifically during ceasefires. Eldar states:

“Each time Hamas had reached an understanding with Israel about a cease-fire or period of calm, at least one member of the family has been responsible for planning or initiating a suicide attack, and any understandings with Israel, achieved after considerable effort, were suddenly laid waste. If there is a single family throughout the PA territories whose actions can be blamed for Israel’s assassination of the political leadership of Hamas, it is the Qawasmeh family of Hebron.”

In other words, Hamas did not do it.