Comment: And If Any Rocket Or Mortar Is Fired: The Cease Fire Ends.

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And If Any Rocket Or Mortar Is Fired: The Cease Fire Ends.

Israel has been viciously bombarding Gaza mercilessly today/last night, so when this "cease fire" from Israel happens, Hamas is going to be like: "WTF! ARE YOU SERIOUS! YOU *JUST* IMMEDIATELY-BEFORE WENT ON A MASSACRE RAMPAGE! AGAIN! DIE!" *ROCKETS AND MORTARS* Then Israel gets to say: "See, Hamas broke the cease fire. Hamas doesn't want Peace."

Operation Pathetic Edge

Israel's IDF, at Nutanyahu's command, have murdered more than 150 children! Bombed safe zone schools where women and children were known to be hiding. Bombed hospitals. Bombed a healthcare facility for the severly disabled and elderly. Bombed kids playing soccer on the beach. Bombed civilian taxis. Bombed ambulances. Bombed rescue workers. Bombed doctors. Bombed civilian homes by the hundreds if not more than a thousand. ALL WAR CRIMES AND CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, AND ALL DELIBERATE AND INTENTIONAL. More than 800 dead, 80%+ civilians; elderly, women, children. And Israel's Nutanyahu & IDF started it.

There are many great Israelis, including who are Jewish, who shouldn't be harmed in any way. But Nutanyahu and IDF should be sent to the Hague ICC for War Crimes trials then summarily executed. That or Nutanyahu and IDF who caused this, perpetuated this, 100% exacerbated this, should be massively bombed out of existence into oblivion and completely exterminated.