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Kind of my point

And kind of not,taken a step further,why did the british finance both sides of a war they were fighting in? A war that if they intended to win outright,would have been easier if they didn't finance the other party involved?
If we did win our independence from england,then why were they still here in 1812? and if not here,why did they come back,if we indeed kicked their behinds the first time around?
My take on it,is this,we did not win that war,we are an annex of england,and still do their bidding around the world,taken a bit further,the vatican owns england,england owns us,and now we have a triangle of evil,where one dictates the spiritual side,one writes the laws,and one fights to uphold all the lies
The taxes paid to the IRS (which was founded around the same time as the fed res) was supposed to pay that war debt back,now if we had won that war outright,then why didn't we as a nation just flip them off,give the bronx cheer or just snub england,and say,we aren't paying that debt back,to the victors,goes the spoils,But one of the very first things that happened was the fed gov going after whisky producers for a tax.(otherwise known as the " whisky rebellion"
It seems to me,if we had such a great navy,that kicked their butts(as you stated) we could have done that same thing on the high seas,without them ever coming here again
America had such a great founding,that we had a better navy than ones who have had a navy for more years that our nation was around?

Let it ever not be said,that I never did not do nothing for you.